Monday, January 30, 2012

selena gomez pregnant

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selena gomez pregnant

selena gomez pregnant

selena gomez pregnant

selena gomez pregnant
selena gomez pregnant
selena gomez pregnant

selena gomez pregnant
selena gomez pregnant
selena gomez pregnant

About Selena Gomez announced she was pregnant. And Justin is the father!

As TMZ first reported, Selena Gomez was rushed to hospital after recording on the "Tonight Show", complained of nausea and severe headache made its appearance earlier this month.

The sources said that WNN Gomez suffered a series of test subjects blood pressure, but doctors are not sure what is causing the problem.

So ... ... privileged Selena Gomez announced she was pregnant. And proud to say that Justin is the father!

Columnist Gomez and Bieber denied reports of pregnancy, but the agents interviewed VDY Gomez and Bieber and Selena camp confirmed she was pregnant. They also say VDY, which are "excited" and can not wait until you have baby.

Here is a picture happy couple a few months ago, the night, Selena said, babies are born
According to reports, Gomez said that even after the two stars of "eating candy and video games." Gomez is very pleased with Bieber on the bed. "I do not mind my teddy bear to sleep."

It has been reported that Gomez is not pregnant Bieber had sex. Is it?

Either way, Gomez is waiting for the baby at some time in early April.

Bieber should sing "Baby" playing the new version.
Justin and Selena Gomez by tourism taking the time to relax on the couch, while in the pool on holiday. Young birds love to be frivolous as Selena each other on the phone for Justin, then the position at once, he took a picture.
Justin and Selena Gomez Sun
Justin and Selena Gomez have become so hot and heavy together, friends and family fear the worst - an unexpected pregnancy can be small birds love to destroy her career, "Star magazine reports that the couple of weeks the problem.

OK! News: exchange of Justin and Selena Gomez more foreigners "I LOVE YOU" in New York shopping

With Justin, 17, and Selena, 18 years old, has a deep kiss and a hug with the release of steam from many photographs that tell the stars, "said Justin up, if you use the best protection."

He is young, full of hormones that the last thing he and Selena are bound to be a terrible mistake, expensive.

OK! News: Selena Gomez Justin bag world here

"Everyone knows that his intentions are good, but they also know how easy it is to get a job when young love, only be a moment of weakness may be due to the life of repentance."

After the red flag caused by Selena Justin was photographed wrapped around the trunk, in late May frolicking in the waves of Hawaii. Subsequently, on June 9, Selena suddenly checked in Burbank, California hospital, the thunder of the rumors into overdrive, nausea, dizziness suffered - typical symptoms of early pregnancy.
Selena Gomez Justin Bieber on Twitter had friends waiting to reveal a baby.

Therefore, the brother or sister, that is.

ON: Selena Gomez and Justin use!

The singer wrote: "Mom and Brian finally let me share the news ... my mother, brother or sister) was the happiest girl!"

Her parents divorced when singer Selena just turned 5 years. "Mom" in Mandy, now husband and I married Brian Teefey 2006 years.

While he and Selena Biebs, the relationship between the former Disney star has been at his side theater baby call. Although his father a suit has been deleted, Justin has been a DNA test the baby's mother alleged require another test now!
selena gomez pregnant