Thursday, June 16, 2011


Now...whilst I think it is fine to spend alot of money on vintage dresses, underwear and make-up, I don't actually spend alot of money on shoes.

I am a Primark pump sort of girl. I wear these shoes come rain or shine....although after a couple of trips in the rain they start to smell.....bad!!

So after I awoke on this fine June day to rain of biblical proportions I realised that I need to fine some more solid shoes (I am currently typing this whilst wearing wet is not fun).

So I am on the hunt for shoes....but a few things you need to understand first.

I have legs of the tree trunk variety so shoes like converse and brogues do not do me any favours and only make my legs look dumpier. I need to have flat shoes as I can't walk in heels for long periods of time and I don't have the wardrobe to compliment lovely heels. And last but by no means least they need to be on the cheap side as I have many other addictions so expensive shoes can definitely not be one!!

Unfortunately I paid no attention to the last rule and have now fallen in love with these beauties....

French Sole...
GOLD BALLET PUMPS....who could resist...??

Sadly these gorgeous creatures cost £98 and that is slightly more expensive than my usual £4 Primark pumps so I am unsure I can justify it both to myself and the boy who is unlikely to approve of expensive shoe purchases when we have a wedding to pay for.

So sadly these French Sole shoes of delight are going to have to stay in Topshop for now until I either save up enough money by not socialising as much (unlikely) or until I convince the boy that these are an integral part of the wedding and therefore I have to have them immediately....I like the second option a lot more!!