Monday, July 18, 2011

Big Nights Out....

Today I am it is all my fault.

I spent the weekend before I go to the Island of Beautiful People (Ibiza) not relaxing, packing, getting my beauty regime up to scratch so I look totally fabulous for the upcoming trip....but instead I spent it jumping in a field on Friday whilst drinking every alcoholic substance possible, Saturday I ate more sausages that I have in my whole life and followed it up with white wine and then Sunday I ate a fry up followed by fried chicken.

Disgusting. does make you realise that no matter how much you try and plan to be good and healthy life always gets in the way.

To make up for the lack of pre-Ibiza beauty I have just bought this dress which makes my boobs look huge and waist look tiny....I admit it took some time getting it on and I was quite hot by the end of it but it is well worth it as it makes you look like you have lost half a stone instantly.

It also comes in red so I may buy both and then wear them everyday for an instant feel good fix....!!

H&M - £24.99