Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vintage Festival... is smack bang in the middle of July which means only one thing....FESTIVAL SEASON.

This year I am off to Lovebox (only for one day as I am too old for any more), the Big Chill and to Brownstock.

I love a good festival but the same dilemma pops its ugly head up every year....what to wear.

Now if you are lucky enough to be born with legs like bambi then you have nothing to worry about as you can don a pair of denim shorts and wellies and away you go but for us ladies with more curvaceous of legs there is more of a quandary.

If it is hot then a gorgeous maxi is the way to go I feel as it hides the legs and makes you look taller (if you are small like me) and can be layered up with a denim waistcoat or leather jacket, tons of bangles and a straw trilby.

If it is cold and rainy I am feeling a vintage dress and wellies or knee high socks and plimsolls....both are flattering especially if the skirt is just hitting the knee. A fake fur is a great festival look that works perfectly with vintage and of course big sunglasses (all the top models wear their sunnies in the rain darhling...) and boho jewellery. is the Hummingbird Vintage guide to a curvy festival look....

Size 10 - £30

Size 12 - £30

Size 10 - £35

Size 14 - £30

Size 8 - £30
 I have found some fab plimsolls and trilby's at good old Primark as well as tons of great costume jewellery perfect for the festival season and then not too bad if it gets ruined or lost (this happens a lot when I go to festivals).

So for you vintage lovers...go forth and conquer the festival look vintage style...!!